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    Wuxi International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.Approved by Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, China Wuxi International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd was founded in March, 1994. It is a comprehensive company specializing in labor service export, international trade and internal labor dispatch. In the past decade, CWETC has been devoted to developing international markets and has established good cooperation relationship with more than 20 countries and regions across continents. With a steady development in import& export trade, the main export products have expanded to chemical, textile, machinery, light industry and new building material etc. Highly praised in foreign labor cooperation, our company has sent more than 18,000 members of labor and technical management to Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Angola, United Arab Emirates and so forth. The cooperation involves in construction, electronics, machinery, textile, clothing, agriculture, food processing etc.

    The company owns a high-quality overall talents team composed of elites with high degree, advanced technical title and extensive overseas and labor management experiences. Moreover, we have set up various agencies in China. All the agencies are accompanied with foreign language training base, which provides a guarantee of the recruitment, selection and training of outstanding foreign service officers.

    With the spirit of “Pioneering, Coordinating, Collaborative developing”, we would like to open up economic cooperation with friends from China and abroad and compose a new chapter for the development in the future.


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